Friday, November 8, 2013

"ROOMS "- Now Open


She owned a home with several rooms;
All lofty and with small windows,
Everyday she cleaned from wall to wall; door to door;window to window;
Just because she owned this house with several rooms.
She never thought of anything else
Her memories and thoughts filled with dust and cobwebs casting a-
gloomy shadow on the very white wall.
Withered brown leaves strewn by the cold wind,
crushing her dreams into a grey nightmare; but she wiped it clean,
waking up with a stifled cry.
However, she owned this house with its several rooms..

Her hands thinned out cleaning and wiping;
Her feet rooted out walking and staggering;
She lost her breath blowing out the dust and gathering in the fumes;
Her eyes burned out looking for grains of sand..
She was cleaning here and there; now and then.. retreating..

Everything is clean now.
So white.
So clean.
Shadow less and flawless.
At last
She saw the foot prints..
Foot prints of wet, slimy mud all over the very clean and plain space;
Those belonged to her.. 

- © V. Meenakshy


  1. We have lot of houses with lot of rooms, but not a single home !!!
    Wishes for this lines !!

  2. At last muddy foot prints remains...good poem...congrats


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