Monday, September 24, 2012



The splintered bamboo shoot contemplates on the little leaf 
“Why are you awake at this time of the night?”
“I am waiting for the hills to echo the last bells.”
Then the bells rang ;
“We saw, they rang, we saw him today morning
Strolling under the amber sun, with hair raining dew drops.
His skin smelt like wild honey
Lips quivering like the tip of arrows aimed at destination.

He was walking towards the jade forest.”
And the forest called out to him.
With each of his footprints, reeds grew tall,
Clumps of earth making way for groping roots.
The tiny bamboo leaf trembled in bliss.
“I will not fade and die,
I will not wither away,
I will paint me myself a great jade leaf,
Sparkling on the wall of his heart,
Waiting for the ultimate spring to arrive and
The jade forest will shine through me..’’


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